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FREE Readiness Challenge

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This challenge is an inside look into the Ultimate Readiness Program, a continuous 13-week periodized training cycle. It is four weeks in length programmed at three separate ability levels and breaks down as follows: Week 1 - BLUE Phase - Foundation This is the aerobic base development phase. The emphasis is on muscular endurance and low to moderate-intensity cardio training to adequately prepare the mind and body for future training phases. Week 2 - GREEN Phase - Strength Endurance This phase introduces movements and or protocols that are more challenging to the Central Nervous System (CNS). These movements include elements of Bodyweight Strength Training (BST), harder variations to basic bodyweight movement patterns, and loaded exercises. Time under tension, eccentric loading, and other high-intensity strategies and protocols are utilized to stress the muscles for growth and adaptation for bodyweight-specific movements. There is also an equal emphasis on increasing aerobic capacity development for performance during this phase. Week 3 - ORANGE Phase - Work Capacity The primary goal of this phase is to increase functional strength, work capacity, and anaerobic fitness. This phase may introduce more dynamic/plyometric movements, increased elements of metabolic conditioning, and both anaerobic lactic and lactate threshold training for increased capacity and overall performance. Week 4 - RED Phase - High Frequency The objective is to test physical readiness, increase functional or transferable strength, durability, stamina, anaerobic a-lactic and lactic fitness, and the body’s ability to recover from stress through consistent efforts.

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