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Lean & Mean Advanced

비공개·회원 10명


These Navy SEAL-inspired no-equipment bodyweight maintenance workouts are designed to train each major muscle group in 15 to 20 minutes.

  • ADVANCED Ability Level - Legitimate and functional workouts to enhance General Physical Preparedness (GPP) and calisthenics development for the advanced-level athlete and programmed according to the performance standards below:

Performance Standards:

(1) 15 Pull-ups or Chin-ups in one set

(2) 40+ Push-ups

(3) 25 Bar Dips

(4) A score of 28 Points on the Baseline Physical Readiness Eval

Exercise Substitutes

If you lack access to a low bar, TRX, or gymnastic rings for Inverted Rows or a high bar for Pull-ups, utilize the following movements as necessary.

Resistance bands are an outstanding low-cost, lightweight accessory that allows you to effectively fill in your training gaps.

Upper Body Horizontal Pull Exercises

-Seated Band Row

-Single-Arm DB Row

-Bent Over Band Row

Upper Body Vertical Pull Exercises

-Resistance Band Lat Pull Down


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