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Elite member of US Army rangers in combat helmet and dark glasses. Studio shot, dark black

Created by a certified Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES), former BUD/S instructor, and 22-year special operations veteran (RECON Marine, Marine Combatant Diver, Marine Scout Sniper, and Navy SEAL operator). This training plan has also been tested and vetted by active-duty SOF operators.

Utilize this functional strength and conditioning performance program in preparation for any US Department of Defense (DOD) military special operations selection course to develop an unbreakable mind and body.


Designed to prepare aspiring BUD/S, Marine RECON/RAIDER, Air Force PJ/CCT/TAC-P, and Army SF/Ranger candidates for the rigors of selection and training.


This 16-week/4 phase performance program includes progressive...

  • Swim and Water Confidence Training

  • Loaded Ground Movement / Rucking  

  • Strength and Conditioning & Calisthenic Prep

  • Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacity Run Training 


This training plan is great for those interested in special operations or military-specific conditioning at the highest levels. 

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