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This Readiness Challenge is a free 4-week comprehensive physical training plan programmed at 3 different ability levels for maximum versatility.

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or top-tier athlete, this trial program is an opportunity to experience highly effective programming for optimal readiness.


The Ultimate Readiness Challenge is an introduction to the same training system utilized by doctors, lawyers, CPAs, first responders, sales professionals, engineers, teachers, and retired and active-duty special operations members serving at the highest levels in our nation's military.


 Program includes:

  • Nutrition Guidance

  • Step by step 4-week comprehensive training plan 

  • Exercise video demos

  • "Operator Mindset" - An introduction to the same mental toughness skills utilized by active duty special operators. 

Expect to...

  • Increase physical and mental resilience

  • Learn the essential guidelines for performance nutrition

  • Begin the process of building a high-performance mindset

  • Level up your overall performance regardless of your sport or profession


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See exactly where you stand in terms of physical readiness. What level of performance can you achieve?
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