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The Fitness Introduction Training (FIT) program is for beginner-level individuals including youth athletes and those new to bodyweight training.


FIT is an 8-week onramp to bodyweight strength and conditioning and is designed to gradually lay the foundation for more advanced training by reinforcing solid movement patterns. 


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FIT is an online training plan that can be performed anywhere with access to minimal equipment (pull-up bar and dip station) and accessed on any device through the WIX FIT training app. You will receive an exercise library demonstrating all of the exercises, nutrition guidance, mental prep content to help you develop a high-performance mindset, and a comprehensive training plan consisting of progressive strength and cardio training sessions.


To increase readiness, confidence, performance, health, longevity, and durability. Train using a proven methodology designed to give you the edge.


This 8-week training program is designed to strengthen each of the major muscle groups of the body by utilizing timeless and effective exercises programmed in a progressive fashion.

  • Push-up variations/Bar Dips-Works the upper body push musculature

  • Core flexion variations-Works the rectus abdominals (front abdominal region)

  • Pull-up/Chin-up/Inverted Row-Works the upper body pull musculature

  • Bodyweight Squat/Lunge-Works the lower body pull and push musculature

  • Plank variations-Works the intrinsic core stabilizers. These are the muscles that contract to stabilize and protect your spine during movement.

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