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What is Optimal Readiness? 


A performance enhancement system utilizing mental skills training and periodized comprehensive physical conditioning programs to safely develop transferable strength, durability, and resilience.

This readiness system is comprised of high-performance mindset development and coaching derived from the experiences and tacit knowledge gained from an extensive career in special operations to optimize performance.  

Who will be coaching me?


Coach C is a highly decorated combat veteran with 22 years in U.S. Special Operations serving as an elite Reconnaissance Marine, Marine Scout Sniper, and Navy SEAL operator.


He is also a certified trainer through the National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF), and both a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) and a Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).


Coach C is passionate about helping people from all backgrounds and ability levels adequately prepare for the demands of life, sport, and profession in the most efficient way possible. 

In addition to his operational experience, Coach C has held numerous instructor positions and leadership roles throughout Naval Special Warfare (NSW) ranging from the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) schoolhouse in Coronado, CA, to the NSWs Training Detachment where he assisted in teaching and evaluating his fellow SEALs in Land Warfare tactics, techniques, and procedures in preparation for deployments overseas. 


Coach C was also hand-selected to help lead the Navy's Warrior Toughness Program, a Navy-wide human performance initiative arming enlisted sailors and junior officers with the tools needed to perform their duties and responsibilities under stress. 


What makes Optimal Readiness different?

Coach C possesses both tacit knowledge and first-hand experience in training and preparing for worst-case scenarios and operating in high-risk environments. 

This readiness system draws upon Coach C's operational experiences, including multiple combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, and his knowledge and education in exercise science to deliver a proven training system that delivers results. 


Coach C has obtained the conventional education of today's strength and conditioning coaches necessary for bridging together both worlds and refining the process of optimal performance training. 

No matter what it is you choose to do in life, your foundation for excellence is built upon a conditioned body, a sharp mind, and a strong spirit. Coach C delivers a proven blueprint to help you become the best version of yourself regardless of your current fitness level or environment.

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Get Ready! Stay Ready!

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