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Build A High-Performance Mindset​​​

  • The Foundation for Peak Resilience

  • The 4 Pillars of Performance

  • Overcoming Adversity & Mental Toughness


Increase Productivity 

  • Goal Setting

  • Time Management

  • Prioritize & Execute for Maximum Efficiency

Become An Asset

  • Proven Principles for Building a High-Performance Team 


Cultivate Performance

  • Mental Skills Training - Self-Talk

  • Mental Skills Training - Mental Rehearsal or Visualization

  • Performance Under Pressure & Stress Management 

  • Situational Awareness & Mental Flexibility 


Pursue Excellence

  • Reflection & Grow From Failure 

Learn to think and perform like an "Operator" and access the mental skills needed to forge next-level mental toughness for optimal readiness! 

Purpose. Discover the proven process to develop the mindset and fighting spirit needed to tackle challenges and overcome adversity.

Preparation. Learn the exact strategies elite warfighters employ to condition their body, sharpen their mind, and strengthen their fighting spirit to address the known and unknown challenges associated with life and profession. 

Performance. Attain the systematic process of optimal performance under stress and how to effectively leverage the same tools utilized by special operators to perform to your true potential when it counts.  

You will be personally coached by a certified Performance Enhancement Specialist, former BUD/S instructor, and retired Navy SEAL operator with over 22 years in special operations. 

You will be guided through course material each week and one-on-one teaching sessions covering the same concepts, principles, and mental skills that U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) utilize to increase operational readiness and survivability.

Investment - Contact Coach C for details

Length of the program - 12 Weeks/3 Months

Become a member to get access to an introduction to the same performance-enhancement strategies and mental skills utilized by our nation's elite warriors to develop an iron mind and perform at the highest levels possible!

# 1. Click on the button below and fill out the form so I know to be on the lookout when you schedule a time slot.

# 2. Click on the button below to schedule a FREE introductory call to discuss the program.

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