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The BPR establishes a reference point of overall fitness by testing each major muscle group through a series of bodyweight exercises prescribed in specific sequence. It assesses:

  • Upper body pulling strength endurance

  • Upper body pushing strength endurance

  • Core flexion and isometric functional strength and stamina 

  • Lower body strength endurance and stamina


Each exercise is performed for a maximum of five points based on the number of reps or time performed. Begin the evaluation with Pull-ups, then Atomic Sit-ups, Push-ups, BW Goblet Squats, Inverted Rows, Front Plank, and then finish the evaluation with Burpees.


See how you measure up to the fitness levels of today's special operations forces. Take the evaluation and then total up all of your points for each exercise for a maximum score of 35 points.

Average evaluation results from both current and former Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces Operators, and RECON Marines:

WARRIOR status and 32 Points total  


Perform this evaluation and prescribed workouts at your own risk. Optimal Readiness assumes no responsibility for any injuries that may occur while performing any portion of our training packages. Consult a physician before undergoing any new physical fitness regimen.

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