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These NO equipment bodyweight workouts condition your body in a balanced fashion and provide a variety of training from day to day. No two workouts are the same!

This program is for...

  • Athletes in peak physical condition who want to maintain performance gains 

  • Individuals who are new to training and want to increase general physical fitness without the need for a gym 

The ultimate 8-week training program for the busy professional!


AA is a periodized bodyweight-only General Physical Preparation (GPP) program consisting of structured cardio training and 20-minute total body functional fitness workouts designed to maintain fighting shape without needing any equipment items. All strength training sessions are programmed at three separate ability levels to accommodate a wide range of fitness. 

This program is an excellent option for traveling on the road and comprises some of the same exercises utilized by active-duty Navy SEALs and other special operations members to maintain peak physical readiness while deployed downrange in austere environments.  

Two soldiers of special forces, american army rangers armed with assault rifles aiming in
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