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STEP # 1  
Coaching Expectations & Waiver

Read through my expectaions, sign the waiver, and return it to me. 

STEP # 2
Client Application

Please fill out and submit the application.

STEP # 3

Payment is conducted through a recurring monthly invoice from PayPal.

You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay your invoice.

There is an option to pay by credit card if desired.

You will be billed an invoice through PayPal covering the first 2 months. After this initial invoice, a monthly recurring invoice will be emailed to you each month 60 days from your initial payment.

There are no refunds. All transactions are final.

Access training products through the FIT by WIX app

Please follow the invite instructions below. Once you are good to go on the app, I will text you to confirm you are ready to proceed with your training and coaching. 

Fit by WIX Invite

You are invited to join "Optimal Readiness " on the Fit by Wix app to easily access training content, book coaching calls, stay updated, and connect with Coach C on the go.

Join with this link: Got the app? Use the invite code: 1YWY9E

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